Adenotonsillectomy with Coblation or Debrider

Coblation Adenotonsillectomy is a removal of the tonsil and adenoid tissue. It has the advantage of being less painful than a traditional tonsillectomy, with all the same benefits for sleep apnoea and recurrent tonsillitis. The risk of bleeding is lower, which is especially helpful with young children.

The primary indications for Coblation Adenotonsillectomy are:

Coblation Adenotonsillectomy carries the same general risks as all operations, including:

Preoperative Instructions

Coblation Adenotonsillectomy is performed under a general anaesthetic. You will need to fast before surgery and follow the instructions provided if you have any queries or concerns Dr SHALINA RAY, for the best Coblation Adenotonsillotomy surgery in Bangalore.


Under a general anesthetic, the adenoids are removed from behind the nose with a particular instrument known as a coblation wand under endoscopic guidance.

The tonsils are also removed using the coblation wand, and any bleeding is also controlled with the same.

Postoperative Instructions

Return to normal activities.

It takes around seven days for most children to recover fully. You must keep your child away from daycare, kindergarten, and school during this period.

General activities can be resumed when your child feels up to it. Please avoid active sports, rough play & heavy lifting for two weeks.

Pain relief

Children will experience throat pain and discomfort for up to 10 days following surgery. Ear pain, jaw pain, and neck pain may also occur. This can be improved with pain relief but may not entirely disappear. During this time, your childwill be prescribed some regular pain relief.


Antibiotics are regularly presscribed following surgery for a week. Please take as instructed if advised.


There are no restrictions on diet. Children are encouraged to drink as much as required to avoid dehydration. Ice blocks are a good option as they are soothing and aid hydration. cold feeds, non spicy soft food is what is tolerated during recovery.

This is acceptable if your child refuses solids but maintains good fluid intake. At least 80mls per kg body weight per day is recommended.


It is common to have a mild fever for the first 24-48 hours after the operation. Please call our practice if there is persistent fever greater than 38.5°C.

Bad Breath

This is expected following the removal of the tonsils and adenoids and is part of the normal healing process. The bad breath usually settles after around three weeks, if not sooner.


If there is any sign of fresh bleeding from the nose or mouth greater than a teaspoon in volume, consult immediately.

Usually, a follow-up is scheduled a week after surgery. If you wish to see your Surgeon at any stage, our staff will happily arrange an appointment. To learn more about Coblation Adenotonsillectomy treatment, contact Dr. SHALINA RAY, the best ENT doctor in Bangalore.

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