Microscopic Ear Surgeries

Micro Ear Surgery is a procedure done using a surgical microscope. The ear structure is small, so the surgical microscope helps an ENT surgeon treat the ear disease.

Visibility within the ear is poor, and surgery is delicate. We use the latest operating microscope for ear surgeries at our institute. These quality instruments aid us in providing the highest level of precision to help our patient’s treatments. Contact Dr. Shalina Ray | Best ENT Specialist in Whitefield.

Micro Ear Surgeries Include

• Myringoplasty – surgery is done to repair the perforated eardrum
• Tympanoplasty – surgery to repair the perforated eardrum and hearing loss due to middle ear disease.
• Tympanomastoidectomy – performed to remove Cholesteatoma.
• Ossiculoplasty – reconstruction of the ossicular chain in the middle ear to improve hearing by using the patient’s ossicles and reshaping them or cartilage, PORP, TORP
• Stapedotomy – surgery is done to improve hearing when there are fixed stapes bones. This is performed with the help of a microscope and LASER.
• Intratympanic steroid injections – for sudden sensory neural hearing loss.
• Tumors and cancers of the ear.


Advantages of microscopic ear surgery

There are still several significant advantages to microscopic surgery. It permits a significantly amplified operative view and makes a binocular view possible. Two-handed operations are feasible using a microscope, which is incredibly advantageous when attempting to clear blood from the surgical field. Nonetheless, the microscope limits the visibility of the more profound and concealed areas within the attic, epitympanum, sinus tympani, and facial recesses. The limited visibility afforded by the otomicroscope and the need to access the hidden recesses is why drilling of the bone and additional soft tissue dissection or resection is needed.

Contact Dr. Shalina Ray | Best ENT Specialist in Whitefield.

Dr. Shalina Ray is one of the best Otorhinolaryngologist in Bangalore and has an experience of 20 years in this field. Dr. Shalina Ray specializes in advanced microscopic ear surgeries, endoscopic sinus surgeries, coblation tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy and palatal surgeries for sleep apnea, laser micro laryngeal surgery.

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